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SW Corrugated Cardboard Sheeting

A close up image of Corrugated Cardboard Sheeting (Single Wall).

What is SW Corrugated Cardboard Sheeting?

Single wall corrugated sheeting is ridged sheets of sturdy and puncture resistant cardboard - though you only need a warehouse knife to cut the sheets down to a smaller size. Corrugated cardboard is low cost, recyclable and cost effective.

Single wall specially is very flexible – it can fold over edges and corners of consignments to add an extra layer to vulnerable areas.

Smaller or leftover sheets can also be used as dividers to reinforce goods during transit, prevent knocks and reduce the chances of goods toppling - items such as clothing and sheets also use this form of sheeting to maintain their presentation once packaged and displayed.

What different strengths do we provide?

Available in a variety of different sizes.

  • Single wall
  • Double wall
  • Triple wall

They are also known as....

Cardboard Packing Sheets, Kraft Pads, Protective Dividers, Cardboard Dividers, Kraft Packing Sheets, Cushioning Sheets, Corrugated Packing Cardboard, Kraft Board for Mailing, Packing Layers, Corrugated Sheet Dividers, Protective Dividers for Cushioning

Our Bestsellers....

Please see our most popular selling sizes below. To discuss our (competitive) prices and to order your single wall corrugated cardboard sheeting now, just call our team on 01376 584000 or fill in our enquiry formOne of our reps will be in touch.

If your preferred specification is not listed, let us know what is required, and we will let you know if it is something we can supply.

300mm 224mm 125 KTB
340mm 250mm 125 KTB
345mm 545mm 150 KTB
400mm 800mm 125 KTB
420mm 580mm 125 KTB
450mm 300mm 125 KTB
500mm 300mm 200 KTB
520mm 3000mm 125 KTB
600mm 540mm 125 KTB
600mm 600mm 125 KTB
600mm 900mm 125 KTB
600mm 1400mm 125 KTB
640mm 1000mm 250 KTB
640mm 1000mm 250 KTB
700mm 1900mm 125 KTB
762mm 2438mm 125 TTB
800mm 2440mm 125 KTB
818mm 3000mm 125 KTB
860mm 860mm 125 KTB
900mm 300mm 125 KTE
950mm 2700mm 125 KTB
1000mm 1200mm 125 KTB
1050mm 760mm 125 KTB
1200mm 1000mm 125 KTB
1200mm 1000mm 125 TTB
1220mm 2440mm 125 KTB
1220mm 2440mm 125 TTB
1220mm 2750mm 125 KTB
1250mm 2310mm 125 KTB
1400mm 2000mm 125 KTB
1520mm 1010mm 125 KTB
1600mm 2500mm 125 KTB
1720mm 2440mm 125 KTB
1820mm 1210mm 125 KTB
2030mm 3050mm 150 KTB
2050mm 800mm 125 KTB
2400mm 1200mm 125 TTB
2400mm 1220mm 125 KTB
2400mm 1220mm 125 TTB

Who are Proton Packaging?

Established in 1989, Proton Packaging is a long standing packaging wholesale supplier based in Kelvedon, Essex (near Braintree, Chelmsford and Colchester). We are mainly a business to business supplier of packaging goods in bulk, and can also help your business with any bespoke packaging requirements.

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