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Printed Adhesive Labels

An image of a variety of Printed Adhesive Labels.

What are Printed Adhesive Labels?

Printed adhesive labels have a variety of uses, from labelling items with the must-know details such as being able to provide barcoding and delivery instructions.

These labels are highly versatile and are able to stick to pretty much any surface necessary and are durable enough to withstand most environments. They're incredibly user friendly, cost effective and eliminate the need for any additional seals like tape - they're best used for providing warnings to package handlers such as a consignments contents being potentially hazardous or fragile.

Adhesive labels also have the added convenience factor of leaving little to no residue once they're no longer needed - some labels can even be created using an eco-friendly form of adhesive.

We also provide thermal transfer labels.

What printed labels do we provide?

  • “Asbestos Warning”
  • “Caution Heavy Package”
  • “Documents Enclosed”
  • “Do Not Bend”
  • “Do Not Crush”
  • “Do Not Stack”
  • “Fragile”
  • “Fragile” with Wine Glass Image
  • “Glass Handle with Care”
  • “Handle with Care”
  • “Liquid Inside”
  • “Medical Supplies Urgent”
  • “This Way Up” with Arrow Image
  • "Two Person Lift Warning"
  • “Urgent”

They are also known as....

This Way Up Adhesive Labels, Fragile Adhesive Labels, Handles With Care Adhesive Labels, Freezer Labels, Security Labels, Adhesive Labels, Parcel Labels, Labels, Warning Labels, Safety Labels, Packing Labels, Address Labels

Our Bestsellers....

Please see our most popular selling sizes below. To discuss our (competitive) prices and to order your printed adhesive labels now, just call our team on 01376 584000 or fill in our enquiry formOne of our reps will be in touch.

If your preferred specification is not listed, let us know what is required, and we will let you know if it is something we can supply.

“Asbestos Warning” Black / Yellow 25mm 50mm 100/roll
“Caution Heavy Package” Black / Yellow 148mm 50mm 500/Roll
“Documents Enclosed” Red / White 89mm 32mm 1000/Roll
“Do Not Bend” Red / White 89mm 32mm 1000/Roll
“Do Not Crush” Red / White 148mm 50mm 500/Roll
“Do Not Stack” Red / White 108mm 80mm 500/Roll
“Fragile” Red / White 89mm 32mm 1000/Roll
“Fragile” Red / White 150mm 50mm 250/Roll
“Fragile” with Wine Glass Image Red / White 108mm 80mm 500/Roll
“Glass Handle with Care” Red / White 148mm 50mm 500/Roll
“Handle with Care” Red / White 89mm 32mm 1000/Roll
“Handle with Care” Red / White 148mm 50mm 500/Roll
“Liquid Inside” Red / White 108mm 80mm 500/Roll
“Medical Supplies Urgent” Red / White 50mm 150mm 250/Roll
“This Way Up” with Arrow Image Black / White 75mm 100mm 250/Roll
“Two Person Lift Warning” Black / Yellow 108mm 80mm 250/Roll
“Urgent” Red / White 32mm 90mm 1000/Roll

Who are Proton Packaging?

Established in 1989, Proton Packaging is a long standing packaging wholesale supplier based in Kelvedon, Essex (near Braintree, Chelmsford and Colchester). We are mainly a business to business supplier of packaging goods in bulk, and can also help your business with any bespoke packaging requirements.

We provide a variety of different products, including but not limited to: cardboard boxes, carton sealing tape, industrial adhesive tape, bubble wrap, pallet wrap, pallet strapping tape, polythene, foam, paper, polystyrene packaging products, postal items, cushioning products, and much much more.

Our mission has always been to deliver premium value to our customers; providing quality products, an unsurpassed service and competitive prices.

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