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Plastic Polythene Sheeting

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What is Plastic Polythene Sheeting?

Plastic polythene sheeting is used for protecting items in storage from dust and the elements - especially in environments susceptible to damp. Because of this, it is widely used in the building trade where protection (from the drilling process, for instance), is crucial.

Can be cut to the exact size required and it’s roll shape makes it convenient for storage. Its made from a stretchy material and has been known to reach up to 30% its original size.

Polythene is notoriously lightweight and comes with the added benefit of being chemically resistant to various acids and alkalis.

Available in light, medium, and heavy duty gauges; usually in a black or clear colour but can also be made available in a pink, antistatic material, for the handling of goods sensitive to static.

They are also known as....

Polythene Roll, Polythene Sheets, Polythene Covers, TPS, Temporary Protective Sheeting, Builders Roll, Damp Proof Membrane, DPM Sheeting 

Our Bestsellers....

Please see our most popular selling sizes below. To discuss our (competitive) prices and to order your plastic polythene sheeting now, just call our team on 01376 584000 or fill in our enquiry formOne of our reps will be in touch.

If your preferred specification is not listed, let us know what is required, and we will let you know if it is something we can supply.

1/4 x 25M 200mu Clear
1/4 x 50M 80mu Clear
1/2 x 50M 125mu Clear
1/2 x 50M 200mu Clear
1/2 x 100M 50mu Clear
1/2 x 100M 80mu Clear

Who are Proton Packaging?

Established in 1989, Proton Packaging is a long standing packaging wholesale supplier based in Kelvedon, Essex (near Braintree, Chelmsford and Colchester). We are mainly a business to business supplier of packaging goods in bulk, and can also help your business with any bespoke packaging requirements.

We provide a variety of different products, including but not limited to: cardboard boxes, carton sealing tape, industrial adhesive tape, bubble wrap, pallet wrap, pallet strapping tape, polythene, foam, paper, polystyrene packaging products, postal items, cushioning products, and much much more.

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