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Plastic Edge & Corner Protection

An image of our Plastic Edge and Corner Protectors.

What is Plastic Edge & Corner Protection?

Available in: foam, polystyrene and cardboard.

Plastic edge and corner protection is a strong and resilient type of protector that offers tough protection to goods.

They are also less likely to allow the strapping of pallets to dig into the goods.

The corners can also be extendable, so they can be adjusted to fit a wide range of different sized items.

The corners can be ’open’ or ’closed.'

What different types of Plastic Edge & Corner Protection do we provide?

Closed Corners:

  • Designed to fit onto specifically sized products such as picture frames.
  • The closed caps slide onto the corners and form a tight and compact fit.

Open Corners: 

  • With only one face, these corners are designed for corners with deep or tall surface areas - when closed corners are not suitable.
  • They are suitable for tables and large mirrors for example.

Expanding Corners: 

  • These corners can expand and change size in order to perfectly fit onto the item they are protecting.


  • Plastic edge protectors are usually used around the edges of consignments with strapping—they protect the strapping from digging into the item.

They are also known as....

Expanding Corners, Strap Corner Protectors, Corner Plastic Protectors, Hard Plastic Edge Protectors

Our Bestsellers....

Please see our most popular selling sizes below. To discuss our (competitive) prices and to order your plastic edge and corner protection now, just call our team on 01376 584000 or fill in our enquiry formOne of our reps will be in touch.

If your preferred specification is not listed, let us know what is required, and we will let you know if it is something we can supply.

25 x 85 x 85mm (Clear)
40 x 40 x 40mm (Black)
60 x 60 x 15mm (Black)
60 x 60 x 18mm (Black)
60 x 60 x 20mm (Black)
60 x 60 x 22mm (Black)
60 x 60 x 28mm (Black)
60 x 60 x 28mm (Black)
25 x 85 x 85mm (Clear)
40 x 40 x 40mm (Black)
60 x 60 x 15mm (Black)
60 x 60 x 18mm (Black)
60 x 60 x 28mm (Black)
28 x 19 x 25mm Black
28 x 19 x 25mm Black (Embossed)
28 x 25 x 25mm Black
28 x 25 x 25mm Black (Embossed)
37 x 32 x 32mm Black
37 x 32 x 32mm Black (with Spike)
48 x 42 x 42mm Black
57 x 48 x 48mm Black

Who are Proton Packaging?

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