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Industrial Ear Muffs

An image of our Industrial Ear Muffs.

What are Industrial Ear Muffs?

Industrial ear muffs  are vital in environments where an abundance of loud sound is commonplace, such as in the construction and manufacturing industries due to machines, tools and vehicles etc

Instead of inserting into the ear like plugs do, ear defenders cover the entire exterior of the ear and act to muffle the nearby sound pressure - so it's important to get the right fit. Ear muffs also allow for a quick, convenient and reliable fit every time thanks to the fact they only need to be adjusted and not custom made to fit like most earplugs.

We sell a wide variety of multi-use heavy duty earmuffs and they're best paired alongside earplugs for the most noise cancelling and protective results. If replacement parts are needed, we can also assist with that.

They are also known as....

Please see our most popular selling sizes below. To discuss our (competitive) prices and to order your industrial ear muffs now, just call our team on 01376 584000 or fill in our enquiry formOne of our reps will be in touch.

If your preferred specification is not listed, let us know what is required, and we will let you know if it is something we can supply.

Our Bestsellers....

Industrial Ear Protection, Industrial Ear Defenders, Decibel Defense Ear Muffs, Ear Muffs For Industrial Use, 3M, Alphasota, Moldex 

3M H540A-461-GB Optime Ear Defender Headband HI-Vis SNR 31
3M M2RX7A2-01 Peltor FM Alert Stereo Headband
3M MRX21A3W56-ACK Peltor WS Alert Headband 30DB
3M MRX21A3WS6 Peltor ws Alert Headband 30DB
3M MT13H220A Protac III Slim Headband Earmuff 26DB Black
3M MT15H7AWs6-111 Peltor ws Protac XPU Headband
3M MT16H210F-478-GN Peltor Sporttac Ear Muff SNR 26 Green
3M PELTOR Earmuffs, 30 dB, Yellow, Helmet Mounted, X2P3
3M PELTOR Earmuffs, 32 dB, Hi-Viz, Helmet Mounted, X4P3
3M Peltor H31P3AF300 H31 Ear Defenders For M-Series (M985)
3M Peltor WorkTunes Pro Headset HRXS221A
3M Peltor X1 Helmet Mounted Ear Defenders
3M PELTOR X1A Ear Muff Headband
3M PELTOR X2A Series Ear Muffs
3M PELTOR X3A Series Ear Muffs
3M PELTOR X4A Series Ear Muffs
3M Peltor X5A Ear Defenders Headband
3M X5P3E Peltor X Series Black Helmet Mounted Earmuff SNR36
AlphaSota F3 Ear Defenders
AlphaSota L1 Ear Defenders
Honeywell Verishield 100 Passive Ear Defenders VS110 SNR 27
JSP Blue Ear Muffs SNR27
KeepSAFE Sirocco Ear Defenders
Moldex 6140 MX-7 Clip On Ear Defenders SNR 28
Moldex M-Series 6110 M4 Ear Muffs
Moldex M-Series 6120 M5 Ear Muffs
Moldex M-Series 6130 M6 Ear Muffs

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