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Eye Safety Glasses

An image of a single pair of Eye Safety Glasses.

What are Eye Safety Glasses?

Eye safety glasses are vital in many industries for preventing work-related eye injuries, they differ from regular glasses in both the material they're manufactured in - designed to withstand even high-impact projectiles - and their overall coverage of not only the eyes, but the temples and other peripheral areas.

As well as projectiles, these glasses aid in protecting against dust, sparks and chemical materials from entering the eyes. Prescription safety glasses can be made for a comfortable and non-slip fit as safety glasses aren't actually designed to be worn over regular eyewear - actually becoming a hazard if done.

We also sell protective safety goggles.

They are also known as....

Eye Protection Glasses, Industrial Spectacles, Protective Spectacles, 3M, Bolle, Honeywell, KeepSAFE, MCR, Pyramex, Riley, Uvex 

Our Bestsellers....

Please see our most popular selling sizes below. To discuss our (competitive) prices and to order your eye safety glasses now, just call our team on 01376 584000 or fill in our enquiry formOne of our reps will be in touch.

If your preferred specification is not listed, let us know what is required, and we will let you know if it is something we can supply.

3M 2840 Clear
3M Securefit 400 Series SF401AF-EU Clear
3M SF202AF Securefit Lightweight Grey
3M SF203AF Securefit Antifog Amber
3M SF501SGAF-RED S/FIT 500 (Red) Clear
3M SF502SGAF-BLK S/FIT 500 (Black) Grey
3M SF507SGAF-BLKS/FIT 500 Grey
3M Solus 1000 Series Clear
3M Solus 1000 Series Grey
3M Virtua Clear
Bolle Bandido Clear
Bolle Bandido Grey
Bolle BL30 Clear
Bolle NESS Clear
Bolle NESS Grey
Bolle NESS+ Clear
Bolle NESS+ Grey
Bolle Overlight Clear
Bolle Prism Clear
Bolle Prism Grey
Bolle Rush Clear
Bolle Rush Grey
Bolle Rush+ Clear
Bolle Rush+ Grey
Bolle Rush+ Twilight
Bolle SILEX Clear
Bolle SILEX Grey
Bolle SILEX Yellow
Bolle Slam Clear
Bolle Slam Grey
Bolle Slam Smoke Grey
Bolle Slam Yellow
Bolle Viper Clear
Bolle Viper Grey
Honeywell A800 Clear
Honeywell Millenia 2G Clear
KeepSAFE Lightning Clear
KeepSAFE Concorde Clear
KeepSAFE Hurricane Clear
KeepSAFE Jaguar 8000 Clear
KeepSAFE Jaguar 8000 Grey
KeepSAFE Pro Hornet Clear
KeepSAFE Pro Spitfire 2 Grey
KeepSAFE XT 5X3 Clear
MCR 83003/20 Fire Safety Clear
MCR CEENCL110AF Checklite Clear
MCR CEENCL112 Checklite Grey
MCR CEENLW210AF Law2 Clear
MCR CEENLW214 Law2 Amber
MCR Icebreaker Lens 66100/20 Clear
OPTEMA Safety Spectacles Clear
Pyramex Cappture Clear
Pyramex Fyxate Clear
Pyramex Intruder Clear
Pyramex Intruder Grey
Pyramex Neshoba Clear
Pyramex Neshoba Grey
Pyramex Solo Clear
Riley Cypher Blue
Riley Cypher Clear
Riley Cypher Grey
Riley Cypher Twilight
Riley Elipta Grey
Riley Fabri Clear
Riley Fabri Grey
Riley Freshna Grey
Riley Ligera Clear
Riley Ligera Grey
Riley Retna Blue
Riley Retna Clear
Riley Retna Grey
Riley Stream Clear
Uvex i-3 Clear
Uvex i-5 Clear
Uvex i-5 Grey
Uvex i-vo Clear
Uvex i-works Clear
Uvex i-works Grey
Uvex i-works Yellow

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